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Transform Baltimore

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Support Builds for Baltimore City Rezoning that will Strengthen Community Investment


Baltimore’s antiquated zoning code is confusing and long overdue for updating. Now, a broad cross-section of stakeholders, including nonprofit community development organizations, environmental advocates, business groups, preservationists, developers, and builders, have united to urge the Baltimore City Council to approve the long-pending rewrite of the zoning code.


These 29 organizations, representing constituencies who don't always agree on development issues, have delivered a letter to members of the City Council urging passage of the comprehensive rezoning to promote new investment and foster stronger communities.


“We believe Transform Baltimore will make the code clearer and more user-friendly for neighborhoods, communities, and citizens, while also facilitating investment in Baltimore by creating greater clarity and predictability for owners and developers,” the letter reads. “Its more modern structure and approach will be welcomed by all who want to see the City move forward.” (Click here to read the full letter.)


Let the City Council know it’s time to move Baltimore forward with a modern zoning code that lays the groundwork for new community investments.


The proposed new zoning code began with the City Department of Planning and was introduced in the City Council in October 2012. The bill has received extensive public comment and is undergoing a line-by-line review by the City Council's Land Use and Transportation Committee, which will vote on the bill and many expected amendments before sending it to the full City Council. (Learn more about the pending plan.)


The organizations behind the letter are focused on economic development, construction and development, as well as community development and smart growth. They include AIA Baltimore, Maryland Building Industry Association, the National Association of Industrial and Office Parks, Associated Builders and Contractors of Maryland, the Community Development Network of Maryland’s Baltimore City Committee, 1000 Friends of Maryland, Citizens Planning and Housing Association, and the Baltimore Development Workgroup.